For you who wants everything in life – ‘The DM Deluxe’

£148.90 £117.00


Warning! This is for you, if you’re someone who wants it all

Do you like the best of the best? And want to treat yourself and your hair to The DM Deluxe?

When it comes to Conditioning Hair there are 4 ways you can care and condition your hair and this DM Deluxe Treatment does all 4! 

The four ways you condition your hair are:

1. Adding Moisture to combat dry and brittle hair

2. Adding Protein – your hair is made up of Keratin which is a protein and to strengthen your hair you need protein

3. Smooth the Cuticle of your hair – this is a condtioner that smooths the cuticle (imagine roof tiles) either by closing the cuticle or filling in any gaps to make your hair feel fantastic and look shiny.

4. Fixing the disulphide bonds – this is a relatively new breakthrough in hair repair and Olaplex is the first and best product to have invented this technique. Imagine a hair strand is a ladder and the disulphide bonds are the rungs of the ladder. The bonds break from everyday wear and tear ant OLAPLEX fixes the bonds!

With all 4 of these treatments YOUR hair and you will have it all! For the inside (cortex) to the outside (cuticle) the hair will be fully treated.

We have put together two Bundles – OLAPLEX STAND ALONE and JOICO KPAK ULTIMTE TREATMENT to bring all 4 treatments to you. Here’s what your experience will be:

  • In depth consultation and diagnosing of your hair – and we will fix all 4 areas
  • The Olaplex Treatment is done first at the cleansing area – once complete you will be
  • Taken to the cleansing area and let the massage backwash do it’s thing
  • The Kpak Ultimate begins
  • Starting with Kpak special luxury cleanse with a wonderful massage
  • Rinse and then your Kpak Cuticle Sealer is massaged through your hair and left to soak in
  • Rinse and your protein enriched KPak Reconstruct Treatment is massaged into your hair and allowed to soak in
  • Rinsed again and next is you KPak Intense Moisture treatment is massaged and given time to soak in
  • This whole process is our luxury all at the cleansing area – your comfort and relaxation is in our hands
  • By this time you will be super chilled and just to go even further you have our relaxing head massage just right for you
  • And then the wow ultimate relaxation of the shoulder brushes
  • These treatments are normally £47 together


  • 100ml OLAPLEX NO3 – to continue repairing the disulphide bonds at home
  • 250ml Joico KPAK Repair Damage Shampoo
  • 250ml Joico KPAK Intense Hydrator
  • All these will ensure your hair remains immaculate everyday
  • These take home products are usually £61.90 on their own


  • £10 Voucher off Olaplex and Joico Retail Products
  • FREE Voucher for a Blow Dry
  • £10 Off Voucher Joico Kpak Ultimate Treatment

ALL THIS IS WORTH up to £148.90


We have 12 of these THE DM DELUXE Packages to sell at a fabulous price of £117 for our early adopters supporting our salon

Buy now and take your voucher to your first post lockdown visit and redeem it with any service you are booked in for.

Lockdown love
Team Darren Michael Hairdressing x



*T’s & C’s apply. No other discount can be used against this package. . This package is available with Stylist to Manager cutting and technician/stylist colouring. The vouchers that come with our packages are valid with certain stylists only and subject to availability. No voucher can be redeemed against any other service other than the named service. No cash value can be exchanged for vouchers. Only the package holder can use the vouchers. Packages cannot be purchased using discount vouchers. Always read your extra vouchers for expiry dates and terms. if you have bought this as a gift voucher  our vouchers never expire however our T’s and C’s may be updated by the time you redeem the package. Please tell us at the time of booking the package if it is a gift voucher. If purchased on a buy one get one free voucher offer there may be extra terms and conditions on the FREE voucher. Free Blow dry Vouchers are with our future professionals. Online refunds are offered within 5 days of your online purchase prior to redeeming any services by emailing our request to Please note if you have booked your service at the salon we require 48 hour notice to cancel , Failing to do so will invalidate your voucher or any refund.

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