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Hair Colour – What To Ask Your Hairdresser!

Changing Your Hair Colour?

What To Ask Your Hairdresser At Darren Michael Hairdressing In Oldham

Hair Colour Experts In Rochdale at Darren Michael Hairdressers, Oldham

We understand it can sometimes be confusing knowing what to ask your hairdresser when it comes to your hair.  If you are planning on a new hairstyle or hair colour, please book in for a detailed consultation with one of our highly trained hairdressers at Darren Michael Hairdressing in Oldham, Rochdale. We will give you a no-pressure, no-obligation written quote to consider. 

You might also be interested in our Specialist Redesign Hair Package which gives you massive savings on your new haircut and colour.  We’ve even added in some wonderful complimentary ‘treats ‘ and a style check 48 hours after your service to make sure you are still delighted with your new look.   

Find out more here or simply call our Salon Booking Hotline on 01706 880900. Now read on to check out our Frequently Asked Questions about your hair colour appointment at Manchester’s best hair salon!

The Best Hair Colour Salon Near Me

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Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

Our hair colour experts can help you find a hair colour that suits you.  We will take into consideration a number of factors including your face shape, hair type and texture & clothing style. Your skin tone and eye colour are also important.  For example, those with light skin tones can look washed out by darker hair colours, while darker skinned individuals really suit darker chestnut or red shades.   

How Do I Explain The Hair Colour I Want To My Hairdresser?

It will be so much easier if you bring in a photo to give your colour specialist a good idea of the hair colour you desire. If that is not possible or you are unsure which colour to have, do not worry.  We will ask you all the right questions during your free hair consultation so we can work out together which colours will suit you and your sense of style.

What Is A Patch Test & Why Do I Need It?

Sensitivity and reactions to hair dye are rare but they can happen for a variety of reasons including medication changes, illness or hormonal imbalances.  Darren Michael Hairdressing follows a Colour Responsible Policy for the safety and peace of mind of our clients.   We use testing and screening to check suitability for the colouring products we provide. You may choose either a Colourstart Passport (our preferred method) or to come in for an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.  An Allergy Alert Test is a quick ‘patch test’ or ‘skin test’ where we dab a small amount of colour product to the inside of your elbow to test for a reaction.  Find out more here

Should I Have My Hair Cut  Before My Hair Colour?

We will explain everything to you during your complimentary colour consultation but we usually recommend having hair colour before your hair cut.  The aim is to create hair colour that enhances the cut so you go home with a wonderful look that you adore.

What’s The Difference Between Highlights & Balayage?

One of the most popular techniques in recent years is balayage. Many people ask us what is the difference between balayage and highlights? 

When having a full head of highlights, we carefully select strands of hair evenly across the head.  These are covered in your chosen hair colour(s) and wrapped in foil to help the colour to develop. This gives you a more uniform look with evenly placed highlights across your hair. 

Balayage highlights are usually hand-painted vertically throughout your hair. When adding blonde balayage, we will add highlights where the sun might give you a natural sun-kissed look.  Your hair will also be slightly darker towards your roots so you have a less obvious root regrowth when your hair grows. 

I Am Pregnant? Can I Colour My Hair? 

Pregnant women often wait until after the first trimester to have their hair coloured or change to a colouring technique that has less contact with the scalp, such as highlights, lowlights, balayage or semi-permanent colour.  Please read the official NHS guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant here.

I Am Aged Under 16. Can I Have My Hair Coloured? 

We do not offer hair colour for under 16s at Darren Michael Hairdressing in Oldham.  

How Much Will My Hair Colour Appointment Cost? 

The cost of your hair colour will depend on the level of stylist you choose, how long your appointment will take, and which colouring technique you are having.  As you can imagine, some techniques take longer than others.  View our price list here.

Can I Make My Brunette Hair Blonde?

Hair colour transformations such as changing from brunette to blonde take skill, experience and time so it may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired colour.  As always, we will discuss everything with you during your complimentary consultation.  

Do You Offer Pastel Hair Colours & Vibrant Hair Shades?

Yes! We love getting creative with hair colour and are experienced and trained to create pretty pastel colours including pink hair, lilac hair and blue shades, as well as bold redheads, purple colours and green hair colours. 

How Do I Book A Hair Colour Appointment At Darren Michael Hair Salon In Rochdale

Book an appointment at the best salon in Greater Manchester by calling our Salon Booking Hotline on 01706 880900.

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