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Pregnancy Hair Care

A Guide to Hair Care during Pregnancy from Darren Michael Hairdressing in Oldham

When a baby is on it’s way,  there’s always a lot of talk of baby bumps at our hair salon in Oldham. We know that pregnancy can often be an emotional roller coaster full of hormones, worry, and feeling a little down about your appearance. So, we’ve put together a handy guide to pregnancy haircare for all you lucky mums-to-be. By taking time to visit Darren Michael Hairdressing – you are guaranteed to  look and feel fabulous during the whole nine months…and beyond!

preg-2Can Pregnancy change your hair?

Sure! Fluctuating hormones in pregnancy can definitely change your hair, but you can still look and feel gorgeous! Your hair will often get thicker and glossier whilst pregnant as your body adapts and changes. For some women though that’s not always the case and there have been incidents of hair loss in pregnancy.

Rest assured though, things tend to even themselves out once the baby arrives! You might find your hair becomes dry in pregnancy, or that your hair goes greasier. Again, these are all side effects of the hormonal changes but your Darren Michael stylist will be able to recommend a shampoo and conditioner that is best for you during pregnancy.

preg-4Is it safe to colour my hair when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Contrary to popular belief, the NHS now say that most research into dyeing hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding generally shows that it is OK to colour your hair when pregnant. Most women wait until their 13th week of pregnancy before applying hair dye. Click here to read the official guidelines for colouring hair when pregnant from the NHS.

Colouring your hair when pregnant can give you a great lift and boost. To reduce the risk of overuse of chemicals, instead of a full head of colour you could opt for a few highlights or lowlights during your pregnancy, these treatments are less likely to contact your scalp and therefore reduce any risk. Speak to your Darren Michael Hairdressing hair stylist and ask for professional advice on hair care when pregnant.

preg-3Pregnancy hair issues and problems

Some women notice their hair gets much thicker during pregnancy, this is because the levels of oestrogen are much higher prolonging the growth phase, resulting in less shedding of hair, thicker, healthier, even glossier hair! You may experience changes in your hair when pregnant including changes in hair texture or hair moisture levels during pregnancy.

If you notice your hair changes when having a baby; maybe it is becoming greasier or dry and brittle, it may be worth speaking to your Darren Michael hairdresser who will be able to advise the right shampoo and conditioner for pregnancy, specific to your current hair type and needs. There are lots of different ways of caring for your hair during pregnancy giving you a healthy radiant look!

Hairstyle ideas for new mums

So baby is here and your hair is the very LAST thing on your mind. In fact, you’re that sleep deprived you can’t remember the last time you washed it and a search party needs to be deployed to locate your hairbrush. Don’t panic! Being a new Mum comes with all kinds of challenges and new situations. Speak to any Mum who’s gone through the baby stage and she’ll tell you that having time for yourself and taking the time to maintain a basic hair and beauty regime can make all the difference to your self esteem.

Your body has gone through some dramatic changes and you do sometimes feel a bit lost, like you don’t really know the new you. Keeping up to date with regular hair and beauty appointments allows you to have some ‘you time’ but it also bolsters your confidence as you look and feel good. At your next Darren Michael Hairdressing appointment, don’t forget to rebook before you leave and give yourself a little hair or beauty treat to look forward to.

Pregnancy Hair & Beauty Treatments at Darren Michael Hairdressing Salon in Shaw, Oldham

If you’re looking for a salon to relax and be pampered whilst pregnant then join us at Darren Michael Hairdressing for some mum-to-be relaxation and rejuvenation. To book a pregnancy hair or pregnancy beauty appointment call 01706 880 900 or book online here.

If you’re looking for pregnancy gift ideas then why not purchase Darren Michael Hairdressing gift vouchers for some pregnancy hair and beauty treatments from our hair and beauty salon in Oldham.

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