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Your Hair As You Age

Your Hair As You Age - Hair Care Tips For Darren Michael Hairdressing In Oldham

Hair loss, thinning hair and grey hairs are all a natural side-effect of growing older.  If your hair has become less manageable as you age, it may be time to make a visit to Darren Michael Hairdressers in Oldham.  Our stylists have the training and experience to help you with your hair concerns and can recommend some high-quality hair products and services to help.

There are many ways to keep your hair looking good as you get older, so please do not depair.  The health of your hair is our top priority and we want you to look and feel your very best when you leave our hair salon. Book in for a complimentary hair consultation so we can assess your hair, discuss your concerns and come up with a plan that will put a smile back on your face!

Going Grey, Blending Grey Hairs & Covering Greys

Many women begin to see their first grey hairs in their 30s and, by the time they are in their 50s, about half their hair is likely to be grey.  While turning grey is a natural part of ageing and there are many men and women who love their silver grey locks, we also understand if you want to blend or cover your grey hairs.  

But why does your hair go grey?  As you age, your hair stops producing as much pigment - or colour - which is why your hair begins to grow grey.  Some people find their hair turns a rather cool white or silver grey shade, while others are a darker shade of grey.

If you decide to cover up grey hair, it's best left to one of our professional colour specialists at Darren Michael Hairdressing in Oldham.  We can help find the right hair colour to suit your skin tone and sense of style.  As you age, your skin tone will change too so you may be surprised to discover that we recommend a slightly different tone to the hair shade you have always had! 

As your hair ages, you need to protect it, which means you should stay away from hair colour, heat-styling and teasing your hair. These can lead to your hair feeling more dry and brittle.   your hair with the safest products and can recommend which shampoos, conditioners and any other hair products that you need to help look after your hair.

Those who want to grow out their existing hair colour to reveal their grey hair, should also invest in a great haircut.  We can cut and style your hair into a flattering style as we cut away the old colour to reveal the beautiful new silver grey beneath.  

Caring For Grey Hair - How To Control Dry, Fine & Unruly Hair 

Your grey hair may feel dry and need a little more TLC than before.  The main reason your grey hair feels so dry is because your hair follicles secrete less oil as you age.

Older hair also becomes finer which means you may need to change the hair products you use.  We can recommend some great volumising shampoos and moisturising conditioners to keep your grey hair looking its best. 

Fine hair also has a tendency to become a little limp, which prompts you to use more heated appliances such as straighteners, curling irons and volumising blow dries.  While we always recommend giving your hair a few days off from the heating appliances, you should also apply a heat protecting spray before curling or blow drying your hair.  A weekly intense moisture hair mask can also work wonders on older hair.

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair For Women Aged Over 50 

Your hair has a life cycle that gets shorter as you age which means you are likely to experience more 'hair fall' or hair loss in your 50s, 60s and 70s.  This is a common issue for both men and women and there are a variety of reasons for hair loss such as age, the menopause, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid disorders, and endocrine disorders.

Thinning hair can also be linked to dry hair and scalp so it's wise to invest in some moisturising hair & scalp products to keep your scalp healthy.  There are also a number of hair thickening products on the market.  These tend to make your hair appear more voluminous, rather than making your hair thicker. 

A great haircut can also help disguise thinning hair.  Perhaps the addition of a fringe, some well-placed layers or a short chic haircut might be the perfect solution.

If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, please visit your GP for advice.  You may also want to seek help from an experienced trichologist. 

Healthy Hair Tips From Darren Michael Hairdressing In Oldham

Give your hair and scalp the best start and make sure you have a healthy, well-balanced diet. Healthy foods that are good for your hair include:

  • low-fat, red meat – it’s full of protein,
  • green vegetables – for vitamins and iron,
  • eggs – contain biotin which our hair needs,
  • berries – for antioxidants and vitamin C,
  • avocados – contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which are great for healthy hair.

You may also want to start taking multi-vitamins as they will help you get all the vitamins you need for stronger, healthier hair.

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